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by Georg Danzer

A Hackler foaht mit'n Moped

vom Heurigen nach Haus'

isst Kirsch'n zwen'gan Mundgeruch

und spuckt die Kerne aus

auf amoi kummt a Spuatwog'n

drin' sitzt ein feiner Herr

der g'riagt an Kern ins Äug'l

und fäu't natürlich sehr

schon bei der nächsten Kreizung

holt er des Moped ein,

und schreit in seiner Gach'n

sie sind vielleicht ein Schwein

sie Ungust'l sie schiacha

der Hackler g'riagt an Hoss

er spuckt in letzten Kern aus

und sogt zu eahm wass't wos....


Hupf in Gatsch

und schlog' a Wölln

oba tua mi do net quö'ln

Hupf in Gatsch

und gib a Ruh,

sonst schliess ich Dir die Augen zu....

so an Oamutschgal wie Dir schenk' ich an Schülling

oda na i gib da zwa donn bist a Zwülling,

wö aner allan konn doch net so deppert sein,

Hupf in Gatsch und grob di ein...

Verse 2:

Wie er daun später z'haus kummt

liegt seine Frau im Bett

sie mocht a Batz'n Schnoferl,

und sagt: Bist wieda Fett

Du stinkst scho' von da Weit'n

geh stöll die unter'd Dusch'

er ziahgt sie seine Schuach aus

und sogt: Na bitte Kusch...


by Georg Danzer

Jump into the Sludge [Get lost!]

A blue-collar worker's driving home

from the tavern on his motorbike

eating cherries 'cause he's been drinking

and spits out the pits.

Suddenly, along comes a sports car

with a classy mister inside

who catches a pit with his eye

and of course it stinks a lot

Just at the next crossroads

he catches up with the bike,

and shouts in his anger

"You're such a pig!"

"You nasty sleazebag!"

The worker gets worked up,

spits out the last pit

and tells him "ya know what?..


Jump into the sludge

and go make waves there [dialect for get lost, i don't care]

But stop tormenting me here

Jump into the sludge

and leave me in peace,

or I'll go ahead and close your eyes...

I wouldn't even give a Schilling to a pathetic guy like you, [Schilling = ~ 7 euro cents]

no, wait, I'll give you two, 'cause you're a twin

Because one person alone can't possibly be that dorky

Jump into the sludge and dig yourself in... "

Later on when he comes home

his wife's already in bed

she grimaces and says

"Are you drunk again?

I can smell you from afar,

c'mon and get a shower!"

He takes of his shoes

and says "Oh c'mon shut up...


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