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Bayern-Verein Alpengrün, representing the Miesbach area of Bavaria, and Schuhplattler Verein Heidengold, representing the Allgäuer region of Bavaria, follow the unique cultural traditions of Bavaria...


Goasslschnalzen, or Goasslschnoiza (Bavarian), is the custom of whip-cracking and comes from the horse drawn carts of earlier times.  When they drove into a village or a tight bend, they made a snap with the Goassl, to announce their arrival of goods and wares.  Most whip with their right hand, the other hand in their trouser pocket, but a rare few can even whip with both hands. That requires extraordinary coordination. Even beginners usually need a year to master more complex stroke sequences. Sixteenth notes are also common in the top groups with the triangle stroke. A level easier is the figure eight, which every beginner starts with. The shape of the figure eight allows you to throw a shot by hitting down briefly, withdraws quickly and finds the rhythm of the music.  In contrast to snapping the Goaßlschnalzen to the rhythm of the music, there is also the Aperschnalzen with short-handled whips and a long rope, which is performed between Christmas and Mardi Gras.

Here is a video:  Traunwalchner Goaßlschnalzer - An Irschenberger

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